Friday, 12 November 2010

A Circle Is Cast......

I found this introduction to Wicca a while back and really liked the way it had been put together. The overriding thing that struck me, however, was the music. I HAD to know who the group was and found the following information. The group is Libana, the song is 'A Circle Is Cast', and you can find more information about Libana here.

To my delight, I found that they have several albums out - better still (though not for my purse), you can download most of them on iTunes. Which I did.

I've named my blog after this song as it's my favourite, it suggests a beginning, and a journey, but never a total end as there's always a new beginning again.

The harmonies in this track are beautiful, energising and uplifting. I find that it suggests the perpetual cycles of life, the wheel of the year. It signifies an age-old, unbroken process, that binds us together. The repetitions within it are excellent for focusing before casting a circle, bringing a new energy to my work that's a welcome addition. This group has enriched my experience of witchcraft and Wicca, which is why I cooked my Samhain feast to their wonderful sounds.

Have a look and a listen and see what you think.....


  1. What an interesting post. That's a great video - I love the song and the pentagram design as well as the waymarker for the Tor.

  2. Lovely looking blog, Jules and if you don't mind my saying, the music is actually quite haunting. They do have beautiful voices.
    You've done great work here so far, I look forward to the offerings with interest.


    P.S. Any chance that Mab may stop by occasionally?

  3. Nice to have you as my first visitors, and I reckon Mab will pop in soon albeit with some restraint...:D
    Glad you like the post, and haunting is a good word, it certainly stirs something within. I think in honour of you Kat, there will be a food post next. x

  4. Cracking stuff, Ju! I wonder where you find the time. I'll be popping by again, so please keep it coming. xx

  5. Thanks Weev, the next one will be a foody post, so pop by with a spoon & a bowl!

  6. This is lovely. It strikes a chord within the oddly-shaped hole in my soul where something sacred ought to be, if only I knew what to fill it with. Definitely one of my must-follow blogs now, so more power to your... whatever part of you is most appropriate!

  7. I'm glad I strike something somewhere! Power to my broomstick perhaps, it's certainly been a force thats kept me in one piece, through thick and thin. I won't say it's kept me sane, as most of you have read my other blogs!