Saturday, 18 December 2010

Star: The Poetry Bus

Ok, this week I'm in a bus shelter beside a snowy road and waiting for The Poetry Bus to come down the hill. Weaver Of Grass is driving it this week, and for anyone who's not familiar with the Bus, you can 'read all abaht it' here on 'Feck's' blog. The theme is 'Star', so I'm going to be very predictable and I've chosen the five pointed star. I'm very interested in Natural Magic, and about to begin a period of learning with a couple of people who have a great deal of experience, and everything I've ever read is beginning to look slightly inadequate. I don't feel I've even touched the tip of the iceberg. I'm so excited, but nervous in a way. So I'm rediscovering the power of the simplest things.


The mark of my journey

symbols and signs.

Hidden treasures in one,

four elements,

and spirit.

The power to call,

or the authority to banish.

To protect, to watch over.

Bringer of strength and courage.

A symbol of calm, peace,


A sprinkling of salt, the lighted candle.

I see this sign,

I know beauty is here.

The gentle curve of trees,

The Sun's blush as it sets,

The Moon's fresh rise on a cold night,

The soft caress of snowflakes.

The simple path,

trodden for centuries.

In perfect love and perfect trust.

It's my first time on the bus (normally Mr Jules would drive me but the car's poorly). I'm looking forward to reading the other poems. If I don't post before, I'd like to wish all of you a very merry Yule, Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate. Be happy, drive safe and keep warm. BB


  1. This was a wonderful debut, Jules! You have given us so many elements of this impressive star and then brought it home with the gentlest interpretation of what it means for you.
    I'm so pleased you've hopped on the Bus!


    P.S. Did you let the Weaver know that you're on so the other riders can find you?

  2. That's such a lovely image of the Pentagram Jules, and your poem does it justice - it's beautiful.

  3. Thankyou so much, lovely comments. I said to the Weaver I think I'll have a go this week, it seemed such a fitting theme to start with.

  4. I love the idea of the sun blushing. Well done on a wonderful first ride on the poetry bus!

  5. Give that woman the front seat! I agree about the sun's blush - it conjures up all sorts of images

  6. Oh, yes! A fresh voice! Welcome to the Bus. You conjured a vision for me that resonates. Your simple poem and its naming of elements with a good poetic style is a treat. Do come visit mine.

  7. You have a touch of 'otherness' with which I identify! Welcome aboard indeed.

  8. I love it - again it is a truly new take on the theme and adds to the overall interest greatly. Thanks for hopping on the bus - do come again.

  9. Great to see you on the bus! These were lovely lines...

    'The gentle curve of trees,

    The Sun's blush as it sets,

    The Moon's fresh rise on a cold night'


  10. Well, what can I say...I'm rather overwhelmed by such lovely comments....especially from such talented company. I'm already looking forward to the next one, see you all soon and have a wonderful, warm, safe, Yule/Christmas. x