Saturday, 8 January 2011

Creativity Returns!!!

I've finally got my mojo back! After being down a bit of a hole through December with work, bugs galore and rheumatic bits, I've tackled the first spiritual project and seen it through to the end. I'd focussed on work a lot through this winter, and I thought my imagination had dried up. Nothing came out of my thoughts and worked it's way into threads, paper, music or anything...apart from in the kitchen, which has been my one saving grace. Cooking has been a comfort.

The first thing I'll show you has been an idea that's formed after reading several Witchcraft related books lately. I've finished 'What Witches Do' by Stewart Farrar, and 'Firechild' by Maxine Sanders and thoughts of my own magickal tools have been evolving and shaping themselves. I struggled to find an athame that was right for me, until my husband found me one that felt perfect, a beautifully simple dagger with no trappings and trimmings, just the simplicity of it's shape and weight. I wanted the sheath to be more decorative, so I made a cloth sheath from felt and organza (beautifully measured by drawing round the dagger and guessing...). I stitched the organza on using metallic threads and 'scribbling' a bit with it, my machine isn't really made for machine embroidery but for a first effort I was pleased with it's results. Folding the organza over helped to add a depth of colour as I stitched, and I was left to wonder what to add to the front. Using some cords and chunky wool, I used a spiral shape which speaks to me at the moment, and stitched it on.

Then around the edge, I used chunky hand-dyed (by Heather) threads in lovely shades of greens and blue to finish off, before adding a braided cord which seemed to set the colour of well. I brought my husbands leather paints in from the shed and painted the originally black leather sheath in shades of blue and green. I think I'm happy with the result, and the dagger seems happy in her new home.The other thing I wanted to show you is a set of blank tarot cards which I've decorated with alcohol inks (love them!). I've used the elemental colours for the Minor Arcana, and used a range of colours that speak to me for the Major Arcana. I've been working on sketches for the designs themselves, but it's almost too scary to think about marking them yet with my ideas!!!I'm not usually one for inks and stamps, but I had great fun with the floral printing blocks and the vast range of wonderfully marbly colours you can create with the alcohol inks. Mum let me raid her workroom so I was well armed with different effects and designs. Be warned though, the alcohol inks are pretty potent - I had to open a window as we got a fit of the giggles.
I will keep you posted with these, and show you the designs as they come to me. I can't wait to have a completed deck of 72 cards. If I'm brave enough, I might see if someone would publish them - but I have an awful lot to learn first!!

Here's to a creative and inspiring 2011 - I think it's going to be a great year of learning and careful study, a time to cast out what's no longer productive for you and a time to have the courage to say what you are GOING to do, not what you think you should do. Be brave!!! BB


  1. What a fantastic post - so uplifting. The sheath is beautiful and the spiral, although it is such a simple motif it has great strength. No-one would ever know this was your first attempt at machine embroidery. Love the Goddess and the cards and looking forward to meeting the Horned God, when he is ready.

  2. many passions you have....great. Its great to follow up one's passion isn't it or life's too dull. The painting is amazing - I once had a dream of oil paints so I think I'll use em one day albeit haven't ever till now. Primarily becoz I was desperate to learn some form of art and graphite seemed to involve less stationery. I think oil can express some emotions/feelings which graphite can't - the best you can do is achieve photo-realism.