Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Poetry Bus - 'I am Fire....'

The Poetry Bus is here again, and I'm hopping on it again. TFE is driving so I hope he's bought his glasses. It was his birthday today, he is now a hundred-and-fortlety-ten, he's probably had to retake his test just to drive the bus, and cut his old man curtain eyebrows. Being a couple of years younger, I'm feeling sprightly so I thought I'd have a shot at this, as it's about where/how/who you are.

Interesting year, last year, in fact the last five have shaped me unbelievabley And they've sped up my evolution. The thing is, now I know what I want. I also know what I don't want. This is the year to go out and get it, and the year to break the bad news to people who want me to do things I no longer get switched on or rewarded by. I'm sorting the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

My soul is hungry....and I've been doing too many things that don't feed it. Things are changing, and I'm on the move. And I'm a little louder and firmer about it than I was last year....

i am fire.i am fire.
i've shed my skin,
ditch that baggage.

i am a shape.
but not one for you to change.
i'm ditching the baggage.

i am reborn,
start again. the way i want it.
my heart needs it so.

i am flame -
an idea, notion, sound, vision,
creating, evolving.

i am energy,
it's releasing itself,
can't be contained.

i am fire,
pure light, and direction.
my way will surprise you.

i am stubborn.
changing and growing. new.
you'll need to adapt.

i am direction.
i know where i am going.
come with me.

i am fire.
adapt, sit with me and keep warm
share my light.


  1. i love this! the poem and the decision you've made to feed your soul. good luck.

  2. Wow! This is so strong. Hang on to it and go out there and get what you are looking for!

  3. I like those last three lines - very strong.

  4. Positive energy is flowing, actually gushing, from your poem ... I FEEL it!

  5. Well you say your soul is hungry - you sure get that across in this piece... Great images

  6. Wow you are like me writing all sorts of poems....that is nice becoz most ppl just write one sort of poem... that's a great poem and it sure burns....

  7. You have it sewn up. Absolutely right. I kinda came to the same conclusions myself a while ago, but I have to keep checking as I can easily slip!

  8. I love the fire metaphor - burning, cleansing, dynamic and sure of itself. The last stanza nails it.

  9. This has so much conviction behind it! I love the invitation to come with you. Who could refuse?


  10. Many will come to warm themselves before your flames...

  11. It is a strong statement of intent, a new start, a new journey,your own way, the cleansing power of fire. I likes it!

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  13. Just stumbled on it here in mid 2015, and it is great and energetic, although when i reached for the home page, i saw there have been no posts from the past two years!!

    But your other works seem to be as good as these, will be reading them one by one!!