Wednesday, 19 January 2011

River Of Stones #10

Interesting day, I woke several times in the night with busy thoughts and an equally busy dog rearranging the duvet how she likes it! I fell asleep listening to Damh The Bard, some of the more peaceful tracks, as I knew my brain wouldn't want to switch off. It worked, very soothing.
Up at Mum's today for a creative burst of feltmaking (much less strenuous on the pectorals when you use proper net curtains to bind the fibres together). An interesting talk with family, especially one who doesn't see the point of faith, or a structure to base faith upon, and went into great detail about reading a book that seeks to invalidate it. After choosing my words carefully, I replied that I couldn't see the point in reading a book about disproving something I couldn't see the point of...... Indeed, and interesting day.

'Woke early, smells of cotton and softener in the duvet. Dark, pitch dark, no sounds, save soft breaths. Remembered last night's conversations. Smiled in the dark.'

'Giant Moon, peering over the roof at me. Cold crisp night, tingles my cheeks. Plumes of breath and scents of icy shrubs, the straight contrail of a jet, a shooting star across the milky disc...'

' Although born from the same, we're different. You're older, and tell me so in your way. You ask my thoughts, your face freezes, then it dawns....yes, I really do think that...'


  1. These are brilliant!

    What a riposte! You told certainly told them!


    I can't seem to stretch to observation of my immediate world when I want to be elsewhere.


  2. Ah, if you were around someone who was derogatory about poetry, I reckon you'd cope....:D I took it as a test of what I'm really passionate about and how it's my responsibility to put it over in a positive light first and foremost. Then you can do a little debunking in the politest possible way......

  3. I really like how you go from the specific to the universal. I like that you were able to recall and "smile in the dark."

  4. Wonderful words, as usual, Jules and very telling! We have come to expect no less. The image with this post conjures up summer streams with those lovely reflected ripples on the stones - perfect.