Thursday, 20 January 2011

River Of Stones #11

Justify FullNot the best day I've had! Not sure if it's a bug or mild food poisoning, but at least now it's 8.50pm and I'm sitting up, I've managed to eat a little and have some water. And as you can tell, the laptop is on and I'm blogging so things are alright!

I'm a bit short on awareness of things today (except things I'm sure you don't want to read about!) but a couple of little moments have crept in. It's odd actually what you do notice during a time of illness, that passes unnoticed when you're fighting fit.

'Frosted glass distorts shapes of cars, and throws in white light from the heavy frost that stayed all day.'

'Floating on warm currents, anchored to the ceiling light. How have I not seen that cobweb?'

'I can't hear the words, but the laugh, the tone the intonations. I know who is on the phone. The tone becomes boyish, giggling, then dirty laugh. And I know who they're talking about.'

'Water. The most basic need, clear and cold in the glass. I already know how it will cleanse my mouth, as I lift the glass to my lips.'


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, Jules. I hope it passes quickly.

    We don't use that term, "dirty laugh" over here, really, but it says so much.

    Yes. Sometimes water is THE only thing you want to take and it tasts like HEAVEN, doesn't it?


  2. Living with chronic illness, one receives this benefit of life in the slow lane...awareness, every day. I hope you feel much better soon.

  3. Thankyou peeps!
    I've perked up a lot. I think it might actually have been a migraine, as the headache was over one eye and rather intense. The sickness stopped as soon as the headache went.
    I'm now enjoying a huge cup of tea, and some cheese and biscuits....yum! Tea fixes everything!

  4. Migraines are brutal! I use Tiger Balm on my temples and above the bridge of my nose. It helps, but sometimes I really need the big gun: Advil liquigels!

  5. So glad you are feeling better - migraines are awful. You have found another beautiful image to accompany your wonderful stones. You could give lessons in Awareness of the World Around You! I sometimes think I go around with my eyes shut but am working on that.