Friday, 21 January 2011

River Of Stones #12

It feels like the weekend, but it's not. I've got to catch up on all the jobs I didn't do while we were full of bugs last week, including ironing. I'm not groaning though, I got a copy of Coco Before Chanel for christmas from Bob. He knows I'm a huge Audrey Tautou fan - she's so stylish and naturally beautiful, I think. Amelie was wonderful, and a solid favourite of mine. Interestingly enough, I'm just recalling the scenes where she finds the best stones to skim and drops them into her pocket....small stones....

'It broke when it went in the pan, and a cauliflower of egg white blossomed and grew. Not spoiled though, sunflower-yellow yolk was smoothly runny and tasted wonderful on the bread...'

'A deep resonant voice, changing song lyrics to a ruder version, makes it up as he goes along. Unaware if his noise and my chuckling as he works....'

'Hard crunchy ground under the tread of my boots, ice still on the blades of grass in the shade of bare trees....'


  1. Another beautiful picture and three more wonderful word pictures to go with it. I can see them so clearly in my mind. See you soon.

  2. a cauliflower of egg white

    I get the picture!