Saturday, 22 January 2011

River Of Stones #13

Although cold, there's definitely a lighter feeling in the clouds today. The small amount of extra light in the afternoon seemed more noticeable and we stayed out longer with the dog.
As the sun set, and branches of the trees were silhouetted against the sky, I noticed the buds fattening...won't be long now. However, we know there's another cold snap to come in February, there always is.

I'm preparing for Candlemas, which we will celebrate on 1st February. It signifies the gradual returning of the light, and the banishing of winter. We will be burning the last ashes from our Yule log, to signify the next turn of the wheel of the year. The theme will be focusing on the landscape, and the changes going on around us. And, in proper style, we will of course be cooking some lovely food and sampling some sort of warming beverage with a kick to it!

'Softening earth under my shoes, soil sticking, deep rich brown with an metallic, icy tang...'

'Brushes, watercolour sticks, waxy scented and splashed with other colours. Scribbles in pencil and pen mark the idea. What will the paint do when it hits the paper? Probably not what I intended....'

'Spooned behind me, fast asleep. The familiar smell of clean skin. Although he's asleep, when I kiss his palm, it's acknowledged with a murmur and a squeeze of my hand...'

Note: This cuddle didn't last very long. It was interrupted by a small four legged thing that decided to sleep between us and lie sideways. We both woke with tiny amounts of quilt and a mile between us!


  1. So hopeful, Jules - your musings are calming. Except - when the dog steals the covers!

  2. Well, Barb, I suppose it's calming even when she steals the covers. We might be cold or uncomfy, but the second I smooth her fur, she gazes with black marble eyes, and the tiniest tail wiggles in the darkness! This is when she make a beeline for my pillow, and washes my forehead!

  3. Lovely, lovely words as usual. It's a good job Poppy is a Jack Russell and not a Labrador, or you'd be in real trouble! Good luck with the painting. Another beautiful image too.