Monday, 24 January 2011

River Of Stones #15

Blue Calm by Caroline Philp

My book's arrived!! Carmina Gadelica is a collection of prayers, blessings and invocations collected by the Scottish folklorist Alexander Charmichael, in the Western Isles during the nineteenth century. It's been recommended to me for the purposes of writing my own rituals, spells, prayers, etc,. I can't wait to work my way through it and take notes.
I've baked like a bugger today as well. A cake, two apple and blueberry pies, and I've sorted out chicken stock for making soups tomorrow (my favourite passtime!).

'Small crow, perched low, spies five magpies in a row...'

'Bright blue purples bubble away, scents of sugar and fruit, blueberries bleed into pale apple, fragrant steam billows as the lid's removed...'

'Finished. Fruits of my labours on the and sofa calling, muscles tight but satisfied...'


  1. Three more delightfully clear and sharp word pictures from your stones. I love the patterns cast by the sun on the river stones. Glad you have your book - see you soon.

  2. How exciting! It's always so nice when a book comes in the mail, isn't it? I look forward to your posts on the reading experience.

    Wonderful stones - and I love the rhyming in the crow one.
    The blueberries bleeding image is terrific (one of my favourite pies, incidentally).

    I don't know how you're keeping up though; I commend you!


  3. Oops! Not crows, magpies (and I call myself a Newcastle fan)!

  4. The Blue Calm picture brought the sound of running water to my mind, and the feel of sunshine to my skin - not bad, on a cold, grey January day!