Tuesday, 25 January 2011

River Of Stones #16

Having been very excited this morning to find a copy of J.G. Frazer's 'The Golden Bough' being roughly shoved through my letter box, I made the postman jump by snatching it through and yelling thankyou at him. (Well, the dog can't have all the fun with him). Frazer is regarded as one of the founders of modern anthropology. It's a study of man's progression from magic through religious belief to scientific thought, exploring rites, symbols and practices that have influenced many modern writers.
I'm finding it interesting how we sometimes have to plough through so much to get so little of real spiritual or intellectual value. Then someone sets you on the right track, and the shortest paragraphs in a chapter can change your entire outlook. This is why I'm not forming many opinions on the world at the moment, what I'm reading means it's constantly changing.

'Cool, almost cold, smooth hands - his eyes the colour of celery. They tell me a tale of back pain....no warmth, and a retreat inward.'

'Metallic thumps, wood under pressure, scraping. The dogs shrill bark and a mad dash to the door. A package half through, almost too big. I pull, a spill of weighted cardboard and a thud on the mat. It's here!'

'Blue screen...warning. Unexpected shutdown...in safe mode. Just find the program, delete it. It won't...it goes blue again, then black. It's going out the window......'

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