Thursday, 27 January 2011

River Of Stones #18

First of all, I'm going to deal with this award. I'm lucky enough that I have my Mum around me, and within easy walking distance. I'm also lucky enough that we get on like a house on fire, share a lot of the same thoughts, hobbies, passions, interests and silliness. She loves my husband....better still, my husband loves her. I'd normally apologise for sounding so squidgy, but on this occasion I won't. If it's true - say it. She is my best friend, full of inspiration, guidance, wisdom, comfort, and above all, a never ending supply of LOVE.......
(Mum: Had to have this one, it's got Owls on it!!! x x x)

An interesting time is here. Aside from 'work bits', I've been working on a project which has surprised me. Normally I hand felt things, stitch into it, needle felt on it, etc,. This time, I've taken a hand made 'square' of felt, sandwiched it between two layers of organza, selected the most exciting stitch on my machine and doodled all over it. This, in turn, has sparked off another idea. Looking at the 'quilty' texture of the doodles, I began thinking about the lie of the land and about sacred places. I visualised greens, fields from above, and the chalk symbols that are still the subject of interest in our landscape. So, as Jesse from the Fast Show would say, 'This season, I'll mostly be working on The Cerne Abbas Giant...' I will keep you posted and you might be lucky with a photo if it turns out well....

'Chill wind slaps my cheeks, speeds through my coat and releases a flock of goosebumps.. Shoulders shake in shiver....'

'Metallic green sheens of organza, the dullness but orange depth of muslin, turquoise cheesecloth offers textural interest, red silk cries of pure colours and rich tones. What to choose....?'

'Elation. My questionnaire results are good. Eight weeks ago, the effect of chronic pain told it's story. New path. On Professor Whoever's Scale of Life is Hard, I've gone from 21 down to 5. Very good news. Glow in my stomach reflects the satisfied gleam of the doctor. '
The handshake is a pat on the back....'


  1. She's a grand Mam!
    And glad the pain has subsided.

  2. Bless you for both comments, Feck. She's the grandest Mam ever.
    Pain is more manageable, which is good. Especially for Himself, as Himself gets a little tired of 'grumpy old witch' :-) although he never complains about blogging, it keeps me quiet!!!

  3. Thankyou so much for my wonderful award - my heart is full. I love the image accompanying your stones and the stones themselves - great news indeed. It's lovely having another textile artist in the family. I won't have to worry any more about boring you witless when I burble on about fabrics and threads!

  4. Congratulations to your Mom for the award - and what lovely things you say about her!

    Three interesting explorations here, all very different indeed.
    The external, the tangible and the truly internal. I'm glad your results are good. Brava!

  5. Enjoyed your use of this word: squidgy :)

    Your first small stone is my favourite today. Thanks for throwing it into the river for me to find!

    I too have chronic pain. Good to hear yours is easing. Go well.