Friday, 28 January 2011

River Of Stones #19

Cold day!! I'm smelling the soft fall of snow soon, I hope. It's wrap up time - and a day to be eternally grateful for seat warmers in cars, I never thought such an indulgence would be part of my journeying. It's a godsend where the fibromyalgia is concerned. It's made me think about luxuries today, luxuries are something I like to count on a regular basis, it helps keep a positive light on things. Aside from the seat warmers, I had a long list:
Hot showers, good food, living near trees, creme brulee, warm boots, cuddles, inspiration, duvets, my banjo, soft candlelight and incense, my books and the ability to read them, all my senses, love, family, friendship, and above all - life.
A simple day today, so only one stone....

'Curled up on the sofa, although I can hear the TV I am deep within myself. I can focus on my dream and control it, and be aware of things around me while I snooze.....intense warmth on my belly - my little shape has curled up too, within my larger shape. She smells of warm fur...'


  1. Ooh, love your list!

    I live with Fibro too, so sending you a hug :)

  2. Another heartwarming picture from your words Jules. You have your priorities right - I could live with that list too. Love your image of that stack of stones.