Wednesday, 12 January 2011

River Of Stones #3

I've taken inspiration from Kat's blog and decided one small stone a day is not enough. Yesterday I was so focused on the cleaning, I didn't notice much else (naughty!), but today there are a few things. Aside from catarrh and a headache, we've been out with the dog and taken a drive in the rain. I've also made a batch of 'Fire Soup' and some fresh baked bread to lift my soul....and it worked, there is nothing quite so pleasurable as making homemade bread and soup on a cold, grey, wet day.

'Car dips slightly to the left, loud plats of puddle water blank the windscreen, then the wipers clear, grey wet road visible again.'

'Behind the eyes, a throb, dull and constant. Warm hand over left eye, comforting. Woolly breathing, open mouth, urge to cough, but stop as aching ribs remembered...'

'The magic blips in a pan, ruby tomatoes, gently striped shallots, chopping onions, pale clean garlic, basil sprinkled with salt and pepper, stirring, steaming, tasting, bread rising, turn it out tapping brown crust,...lay the table.'


  1. Once you get started, you're on a roll, right?

    I liked the car in the rain and the soup preparation - loved the "tapping brown crust" (I can actually hear that knock). Sorry about the rest - I had pleurisy once, so I know about those ribs. Ouch!

    Feel better, Jules!

    Love, Kat

  2. I love the images you are finding to accompany these posts Jules and I love your 'stones' too. Hope you have felt better today. Just thinking about homemade soup and bread is making my mouth water.

  3. :D, I'm loving this project and constantly annoying Bob with long, descriptive ways of noticing things....

    BTW, Bob's small stone is 'The perfect glass of milk...cold and creamy'.

  4. Tell Bob, that's a good one. I think Kev could do one about beer. In fact, I'm sure of it.

    I have a meme up now, Jules and I've given you and your blog a shout out!


  5. The memory of freshly baked bread made a stone in my pond today! LOL