Thursday, 13 January 2011

River Of Stones #4

Ok, it's been an interesting one today. Although I've felt what is technically known as 'pants' by my nieces and nephews, I have had lovely moments in my day. My Mum, Heather, joined me for a lunch of 'Fire Soup' and homemade bread. It was lovely to sit down with no jobs, not even arty jobs and just sit and chat. We talked about allsorts, which we like to do, and covered most areas of life (including ticking off the odd politician). I started thinking about my profile pic on facebook and how like Mum I feel I'm becoming. It's almost as though the shape I've come from is the shape I'm becoming, and not just the physical shape, it's the mental and emotional shape which interests me too. If we didn't know each other, I am positive we'd be good friends when we met.
People say 'you feel that way because your parents taught you'...but I'm not always sure. Some things are in your blood, in your DNA and they are unavoidable. I don't particularly like Welsh Male Voice Choirs, but the hairs raise on my arms when I hear them and I feel emotional. I'm not the World's Best Gardener, but I can wonder at the shapes of petals, the heavy bomber-like drone of bees taking off, and bore people about how much I love Houseleeks. In short, I'm taking after my parents, especially my Mum when it comes to creative or spiritual things, which is nice. If I'd had the foresight, I'd have posted a photo I have of her when she was 21, she's worthy of an MGM poster.....
Ok, here's today's observations.....

'We share a wonder, thought, laugh, secret, hope, fear...although different, the same - mirrored and ageless'

'So glad she came, the familiar lavender, lovely woollens, soft hair, powder smell. Gentle smiles, sudden laughs, wicked humour....full of love'

'Delia's recipe failed, my modifications successful, I'm up myself with smugness and fluffy, crust-coated, warm, soft bread....HEAVEN!'

Yes, I've gone a bit soft today, but as my husband would say 'he's turned me into a proper girl'!!!


  1. Another lovely image. This is beautiful Jules and so moving it actually made me cry - but in a good way of course. You are already so much more than I have ever been - thankyou.

  2. :D Glad it touched you, and I'm only what I am because of who I learned from.....x

  3. I feel like I'm eavesdropping. (As I read, I thought, Her mum's really going to love and appreciate this.)
    What a treasure you are, Jules - not just to your mum, but to all who have the good fortune to "know" you.

    p.s. I've heard it many times, but why, "pants"???


  4. You are right Kat - she is a treasure. As for 'pants' - I'll try to explain. It is one of those expressions invented by school children which worm their way into general use. As you have probably guessed it means that something is not good or pleasant.

  5. Bless you, both! :D I've gone all 'squidgy'!
    Mum's right, it's something not good, normally denoting crap or useless, unworthy. Why this relates to underpants, I have no idea, but oddly, the phrase sounds right.
    Load of old pants....
    I'll have a look at my comments, Kat, and see if I can fix the hiccup!