Friday, 14 January 2011

River Of Stones #5

A day of decisions and planning. The little old cogs in my head have been turning away constantly and the jigsaw bits of 2011/12 are beginning to fall into place. Let's say I've done the edge bits and some of the middle...

'Rough-scented raw leather, mallets driving punches in, blade carves edges and heavy stamped shapes wobble the tools on the table and make ripples in his coffee'.

'Warm shape, curled into my belly, soft muzzle rests on my hip, eyes shut tight, ears relaxed. whiskers still. Small feet with little claws neatly turned in, four years old and still smells of puppies....'

'Cranberry, a glass of liquid rubies'


  1. Except for the activity (of which I have done none today), we are on the same wavelength with the animals and the drinks.
    Love that smell of puppies and the cranberry one is beautiful!

  2. It's weird Jules, whenever I post a comment, afterwards I automatically get taken to a page with the image of your moon widget and then i can't get back to your blog! (I hit the back arrow, but it doesn't return me to your home page.)

  3. I love the analogy of Life as a puzzle with the edges and some of the middle filled in. Your work, the small dog, and your juice call forth a mind picture.

  4. I thought cat when I read 'ears relaxed, whiskers still' - I don't suppose there is any difference in the way they cuddle, - although a cat is liable to go her own way and get down sooner!

  5. Nice to be on the same wavelength :D I'm looking into the technical hiccup.
    Glad to have made a few mind pictures, I know I love it when you all do that for me :D
    A cat is definitely there on it's own terms, my dog only moves when she's too hot. She's been so sleepy today after a big run, that she's making 'creaking' pleasure noises when you rub her back!

  6. They just keep getting better Jules - you are on a roll. I see three clear pictures in my mind.

  7. I've come by to say thank you for the link to The Twisted Tree - a fascinating site indeed!

  8. Thankyou for such lovely comments! I'm certainly enjoying myself with this...
    Jinksy, a big thankyou for visiting Twisted Tree, the people that run the site are lovely and will be glad you stopped by :D