Saturday, 15 January 2011

River Of Stones #6

A productive day...well, pretty much. I've made felt for the first time in a couple of years and my shoulder is standing up to the pressure fairly well. It was time consuming as I've no idea where I've thrown the nets I put the fleece between for the whole process, but I've improvised! Some spiderwebbed black lace I had surplus from one of my Victorian costumes has come in handy! I've also got round to giving my hair a good cut, it's soooo thick, so I've layered it. It's that thick you can hide a multitude of sins :D

'Scent of olive soap, and lanolin, soft lather working the fibres together under nets, warm friction shining the fingerprints off my hands...'

'Light as anything, pliable, comfy and springy...a pressie from Mum. Too small for her, mine were too big for me. Swap. Sitting, legs out rigid, toes skyward, smiling at my new bright pink Crocs...the colour of Giggling...'

'Liberating, free sounds of snipping, strands of heavy hair falling on my shoulders, keep the length, feather cut the rest, marvel at the heap on the floor, I'll get the hoover in a minute...but I'll just take this bit off first.....'

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  1. I nearly missed this post - it got tucked in behind the Poetry Bus one. I love the photo with it and marvel at how you can make poetry out of such mundane things as Crocs, hair cutting etc.