Sunday, 16 January 2011

River Of Stones #7

Today has been quiet. I've woken up feeling tired after a busy day yesterday and several groups of complaining muscles - they had a good workout! But things are peaceful, there's a mountain of ironing upstairs that I'm sure will still be there tomorrow...that's calm, unpanicked thinking for you....
I've look at a plant oracle this morning, and it threw some interesting suggestions in. It never fails to amaze me how you can shuffle so many cards, upright and upside down, and get something SO fitting. And yet at other times, it's not relevant, and it doesn't come up. It's picked up that I'm on the edge of something big, which sparked off the first feeling I noticed on waking.

'To the edge, toes grip, peer over. Big, fresh expanse, full of colour. I might jump, and see what happens. A heady mix of pure air, soft breeze, clouds and diving into the sky....'

'Stir, check, stir, reach for the bread, it's had long enough. All smells good. Reach under, red hot metal on skin, burn, blister. A Cook's par for the course...I guess that comes with confidence...'

'Thrashing rain beats in heavy gusts, rattles the windows and doors. Deteriorating conditions signify a retreat to warmth, sofa, cuppa, dog, and the comfort of an old film.'


  1. Three more amazing stones Jules - at this rate you'll have enough to build a dam! They are such a good read - thankyou.

  2. I can so relate to the last stone, retreat to warmth, lazy boy, cuppa, cat and the comfort of a good book. Nice stones.

  3. Hello Jules, I'm looking through your watery images - all steadily flowing with you somewhere floating in the current. I like the thought you've inspired of diving into that "big, fresh expanse." Good luck!

  4. Many thanks! I'm at a weird point where I'm constantly excited about something I have no idea about yet!