Monday, 17 January 2011

River Of Stones #8

Today has been odd. I've been acutely aware of the temperature and barometric pressure rising and falling. It's a sign there's worse weather to come, the winds are up, and nothing seems to want to settle. I found it hard to focus intently on a moment today, too many ideas whizzing round. My usual walk was a bit less tranquil. In fact, there's my small stone right there...! Here goes...

'A myriad of thoughts in my washing-machine brain: Is he watching his dog?/my fingers are cold/that aerial's broken/what work do we do on the house/police helicopter noise/there's a squirrel....I churn thoughts, then drop them like hot coals for: 'did I take anything out for tea?'

'Bowl-sized mushrooms, with frayed edges. Dark, inky underside, striped like a jet's engine...'

'ten minutes more, second alarm, springy pillow warmth, in my duvet cocoon, feeling weightless. Bob breathing softly, dog curled up, silence, third alarm....just ten minutes more...hit snooze'


  1. You just described my brain 24:7!

    Love that picture of the mushrooms - jet engine - absolutely!

    We have a feather-bed atop the matress and it is like I imagine sleeping on a cloud would be. Ten more minutes, indeed. (Or twenty)


  2. I can spell mattress, by the way.

  3. washing machine brain....excellent description of the business of mind! Isn't it fascinating to watch the many paths the mind travels and that even so, it is always possible to return to the moment at hand once we see this is going on? Even briefly, that split second awareness is an incredible gift!

  4. Beautiful photograph, beautiful stones. I live on the shore of the bay of Fundy in the summer - one great sheet of basalt littered with broken bits - and I often see stacks like that. Markers. Someone has been there, altered a small piece of the landscape to mark their passing, to leave a message for the next person to come along. Rather like this river of stones project, which I've been noting with interest. Fragments of the day put into a semblance of order to let us know which path your mind took. Not so we can follow, but just so we can consider.

  5. Hi Jules,

    your stones cannot be very far from me, although the river Severn has a long way to go. Some of the water from my Clun runs into the Severn via a little detour here and there, so I'm sending greetings from another beautiful place in its flow.

  6. Another wonderful addition to the 'stones' and that picture is beautiful. There is something magical about balanced stones. Hope today will be more settled for you, although yesterday produced some amazing descriptive thoughts.

  7. :D It's funny how you sit there and think, I've not been aware of anything, then realise you're even aware of not being aware!
    Thankyou for all the lovely comments! They're like pressies!