Tuesday, 18 January 2011

River Of Stones #9

It's another stacked-pebble day as there's all sorts of things going on of a thoughtful/philosophical/spiritual nature. The Sun was shining, my cold is finally shifting, and I've entered a new phase of spiritual learning. Having searched for knowledge in books for so long, and sifting through the internet, I finally had the opportunity to sit and LISTEN to other people talking and sharing this evening. Doing things alone can be a lonely existence, and with only a couple of people to talk to and no guidance it's been hard. Tonight was a revelation. What an experience, to be able to see the foundations of what you believe take shape and have human life breathed into them. I'm enjoying the feeling of having some direction, rather than the odd sensation of fumbling around in a dark cupboard... and banging my head on the wall....

'The twigs were thin last week, whipping about in the wind. There's little bobbles of growth on them now, slowly growing under the new Sun, drinking up water from the deep roots.'

'I'm staying silent, it's a tonic to my ears - hearing the words. Just listening. I've waited an age, it seems, and at the end of that age, that period of research and seeking, I've decided to ignore what I think I know - and start again....childlike.....'

'Stepping outside tonight, Orion greets us at an angle from the sparkling night sky. A thick bow of frost dances around the Moon, throwing out her light. Miniscule diamonds settle all over the car...'


  1. What a touching descriptive piece! I think you're like the twig, with "little bobbles of growth." (Which in your own good time will bud and leaf.)

  2. I really loved that "starting again ... childlike..." and your moon-descriptions are always wonderful!

    I need to catch up tomorrow - did a bunch of other things today.


  3. Wonderful words Jules, and I'm so glad last night was so good for you. See you soon.

  4. I've tried three times to leave a comment without success.

  5. Wonderful words.
    Who can write so sensitively about beautiful thoughts and hopeful images cannot be other than be at peace with themselves.

    I like it here.

  6. I'll try again, although two comments have appeared. My first comment was much longer and not nearly as clumsy.

    I can't tell you which of my blogs to follow and I want to thank you for following my poetry blog. Friko's World is the one where I write, and visit, comment and follow others; and I would love it if you followed me there, because I can keep a closer eye on blogland from there.

  7. thoughtful/philosophical/spiritual nature

    I think those vibes have been all around for several days now - I've been feeling them too...