Wednesday, 2 February 2011

River Of Stones #22 - #23 & #24

As Candlemas is generally celebrated during the return of the light, and not necessarily on the exact date of Feb 2nd, so due to the influx of bugs once again, we're celebrating at the weekend. Immunity is something that's been on my mind lately, what makes one person susceptible, and another immune to a virus? Is it our frame of mind, perhaps? Does a happy person get fewer bugs than someone unhappy? Or is it down to old fashioned fresh air and good living? Do we dog walkers and 5-veg-a-day merchants stand a much better chance of staying healthy?

I think for the most part the answer is yes. Although I've had one too many bugs lately, it always seems to follow taking prescribed medicines for the first infection. This is a difficult year to compare, as the germ rate has seemed to hit an all time high in our area. However, the anti-biotics I had to take have had a knock on effect and have set of a chain reaction of minor but disruptive problems. I'm a huge advocate of natural medicine, and making your own remedies, especially through food. What's the point of taking chemical after chemical if you can up your chances of fighting infection by eating fresh fruit and veg? My local greengrocer has a far better stock than Tesco, in the sense that the produce is seasonal and it keeps better. I can't help thinking that part of being able to buy anything at any time of year is what knocks people out of kilter with the cycle of the seasons.

There's the argument of sunlight, too. Although we often miss the Sun during the cold months, the rays and the Vitamin D do get through, but only if you venture outside. I find with rheumatic conditions that the damp weather causes trouble, but oddly enough, if I got out with our dog, the symptoms are lessened when I push myself to walk. It's all relative - keeping as fit as possible, enjoying good food, keeps you happy, which helps you fight things off.

Then there's the spiritual aspect. Does a belief or a faith help us get through things, and stay stronger? If your faith keeps you connected with things, and encourages a good lifestyle, is this key to staying fit and healthy? For me, part of being happy is my faith which keeps me in tune with the wheel of the year, and brings wonder and beauty to me on a daily/hourly basis. There are always blessings, always positives to look for. The more you seek them out, the more you find. There are some things in life that we can't explain away with a scientific formula - and it's these things that exercise the mind and soul by offering a constant supply of discovery, learning and mastery. I like to bear all these things in mind when thinking about health, so many factors affect it acutely, yet we are taught to fix things still with the use of prescription drugs. Where you're lifestyle is concerned: a change is as good as a rest.

My stones this time come from a family visit, long overdue, where we went out for a lovely meal, and enjoyed the time to catch up properly. Good times, and some interesting moments, which involved sleeping on an airbed with a slow puncture, and waking up to the sound of my two nephews awake early. We listen and silently laughed at the dialogue between them for about half an hour. Then on the drive home, we saw the buzzard.

'Start off supported, then feel sagging beneath me. Air escaping somewhere, I ignore it. As the airbed slowly collapses and my bum touches the floor, my husband gets in, and I'm buoyant again.....for a while. Air escapes quicker with two of us....'

'Sounds of stairs creaking, little bare feet on lino, heavy breathing, paper rustling, crayons scribbling. Low dirty laughs, whispered rude words and stifled giggles. A shared secret between brothers, up and awake before everyone else....'

'Lonely post in the broken fence, sees for miles the grey view. The buzzard sits sentry, still, and imposing, watching the fields for food...'


  1. Fascinating post Jules. I agree with everything you say but do think that sometimes if a bug has your name on it, you'll catch it, no matter what. Love the stones, both visual and verbal. Glad you enjoyed your family visit.

  2. Happy definitely contributes to healthy, I think.
    Love the Buzzard bit!