Saturday, 5 February 2011

River Of Stones #26 & #27

The winds have whipped up a storm again, I don't know how long this is going to last, but I'm enjoying it. I always find the weather a comforter, and a way of taking my mind of things that happen to try my patience. Today it is the legendary bad back, after an air bed issue! Let's just say I'm skew-wiff (as Mum says, meaning wonky), and I've paid a visit to see my friendly magician/chiropractor for some treatment. The sessions are very effective, and as usual I came out upright, and extra knowledge of good campsites in the Forest Of Dean and a plethora of facts about history/plants/religion, you name it, he knows it.

'Clean smells, paper covering the treatment table, I'm face down. The skeleton model watches me through comical sockets, grinning. Each muscle aside my tired spine moves and complaines under clever hands, deep breath in.....out......push and CLICK!....Relief......'

More high winds today - I slept soundly, only remembering the wind buffeting against the side of the house. I listened to all the bins fall over, pots and bits of fence give up under the strain, and I felt comfortably cocooned in warmth. My back isn't a fan of sitting still, so I took an extra walk today in addition to dog walks. I like to go out walking with my iPod (or Pod as I call him), and get my limbs moving to something good. Whipping winds carried me a long to some Hutsul folk music which I love at the moment, it's Eastern European and perfectly incorporates that vintage metallic clang of the Cymbalom (or Hammered Dulcimer). After stretching my spine out nicely, I came home and flaked!

Propelled forward in sudden pushes, the invisible force flattens the grass and whines through the telegraph wires. Fallen branches block the path, and as I walk back, the TV aerials whistle to me...'


  1. It is strange how the same weather can create such opposite feelings in different people. I'm glad the gales make you feel good, but they exhaust me. At least the wind might dry the soil so that I can get out to work on the garden. Excellent 'stones' as usual - I particularly like the second one - and lovely images too.

  2. Love the line, "the TV aerials whistle to me..."