Wednesday, 9 February 2011

River Of Stones #28 & #29

It's almost done, I've only another two small stones after this, and my January project is finished (despite being patchy at the end!) - I was doing well, then life just seemed to go a little nuts. I will continue with the small stones, it's an exercise well worth doing and I'd highly recommend it.
After feeling a bit desponent about spending a day in Bristol 'farting about' waiting for things and keeping appointments, it turned out very nicely. One place we had to visit was close to St. Nicholas Market, which I LOVE. It's always had a special pull for me, as though you've just stepped out of England and into some Eastern European city full of fabulous smells and colours. It marks the beginning of 'the interesting bits' as I call them, and it's the worst place for my bank balance. Second hand bookstores invite me when I walk past, you can't see in the windows as all the books are stacked high all over the shop. Another shop sells musical instruments from far and wide - I avoided this as I was convinced I'd end up with a balalaika or cymbalom that I can't's the sort of thing I'd do. We stopped for lunch in the market, and ate from an Indian stall, ordering fresh chicken bhuna with rice and a poppadom. Gorgeous..... The pigeons walked about near us while we ate, and the smell of coffee drifted through the noise. Perfect.
Today, I also had the pleasure of good company again, and enjoyed the luxury of messing about with merino fleece and seeing what happens. Since I was having an airhead moment, I left the results at my friends home along with some books but the good thing is she's hooked on felt! Good excuse to get together again for another go! Despite a bit of a woolly head and some aches, the fibro has not been too bad to me today. Life is good.
'Smells of chamomile drift in the steam from my purple mug...I see through the tea to the bottom - clear, cleansing taste.'
'Scarves of reds and purples, chunky jewellery and big patchwork hats sold next to handmade journals and retro shoes. Celtic violin, the hiss of food stalls frying, and the steam from basement kitchens jostle for attention while I admire the architecture...'
'Soft fleece, in a carnival of colours, spread out on the table. Fibres worked together, hands warm, muscles working. Through words and giggles, we work away. The front paws of the dog rest on the table, he surveys his neighbourhood through the window....'


  1. Three more delightful and clear pictures in words - I can see it all. Glad you had a good day in Bristol and looking forward to seeing the felt, when you catch up with it!

  2. I like this small stone which I've plucked from your paragraph above, "The pigeons walked about near us while we ate, and the smell of coffee drifted through the noise." Beautiful!

    Are you going to submit ten stones for the book Fiona and Kaspa are putting together?