Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Wind of Change

Well, following on from my post about inspiration - this is what's been happening.  It's a total change from my normal style - everything usually has to look like what it is (which is not a bad thing, but can be restricting).  I often choose pagan themes, and try to depict the exact image in my imagination of a beach, a rock, plants or a sky.  This day, I settle with my new paints, a gift from the Ragged Old Blogger and set about creating something totally from scratch.  Whatever shapes came to mind, colours and themes.  

What resulted was surprising...I ended up with colours I wouldn't normally work in, I've often favoured watery colours like phthalo blues and greens, and steered from reds, light blues, yellows and browns. I loved the sensation of just 'winging it' and seeing what happens.  Enjoying the smooth blend of the paints, creating colours and following flowing lines.  I'm not sure if this is finished yet.  I still think, when I've built up the courage, to paint some sort of chequered floor going off into the distance at an odd level.  But for now, this is what it is.  

There's something planetary going on within, and my tastes in colour are changing gradually.  I still love circles, so maybe something angular next time might be a good thing to play with.  I think what's come out is the classical view of the planets....Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.  I plan, to represent this somehow in the ringed circle on the left - with some depiction of their orbits.  

Bob asked me what this meant when I brought it home, and since we've yet to analyze it, I'm not fully sure.  I'm always interested in what he can spot that I can't.  Sometimes he can see more of my characteristics on things than I can.  

I'll repost this when it's finished - with a full 'warts and all' breakdown, Bob and Julia style.  It'll no doubt be debated in bed on a Sunday morning, over a few cups of tea.

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  1. I think it's beautiful and love the way you blend the colours so subtly. Perhaps it's for each of us to make of it what we will as we let our eyes enjoy the journey from one shape to the next.